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Martin Ward is an award-winning composer of music for opera, dance, theatre and the screen. He wrote the music for the 2014 Olivier Award winning Royal Opera House production of The Wind in the Willows and his opera They Came Back won the 2015 Flourish Opera Award.

He has written music for companies  including The Royal Opera House, The English National Ballet, the BBC, ITV, the Hackney Empire, Unicorn Theatre, Polka Theatre, Theatre Royal Plymouth, Belgrade Theatre, the Sofia National Opera and W11 Opera. 

He is exclusively published by Faber Music and represented by Berlin Associates

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Onlife is a double-headed project, the first part of which is a music and sound installation piece for an art exhibition at the Danielle Artaud gallery in March. I am looking for volunteer participants for this work, in the form of people who are willing to give a few minutes to record themselves reading a short poem. Head over to the Participate page of this site for all the details.

Watch this space for information on the second part of Onlife - a digital drama which will surface in summer 2018 and offer further participation opportunities.

ROAD MEMOIR is a podcast opera serial for singer, text, music and sound design.

It's story - of a young woman's journey from citizen to refugee - is told over twelve episodes,

which were podcast weekly between July 24th and October 9th 2017.

CLICK HERE to go to the ROAD MEMOIR page and catch up right now.

What's Been Going On...

October 9th 2017 : Finished the ROAD MEMOIR podcast serial.

August - September 2017 : Continuing the writing, recording and podcasting of ROAD MEMOIR.

July 24th 2017 : ROAD MEMOIR : Episode 1 launches on this website, iTunes, Podcast FM and the Tête à Tête Opera Festival website.

July 4th 2017 : ROAD MEMOIR goes live on this website.  To listen to the Trailer Episode 0, click here.

July - August 2017 : Further compositions on the chamber opera The Ubiquitous Woman for New Notes and Noises.

May - July 2017 : Recording, sound designing and producing the podcast opera serial Road Memoir, to be presented in association with the Tête à Tête Opera Festival for twelve weeks from July 24th.

March - April 2017 : composing a new dramatic song cycle for the soprano Patricia Rozario. Absence is based on the poetry of Bloomsbury poet Charlotte Mary Mew and it will be premiered in 2018.

January - April 2017 : Writing and composing Road Memoir, a podcast opera serial for launch in summer 2017. Also, continuing development and production of The Sinken Sun towards a planned workshop in October 2017.

December 5th 2016 : Rough For Opera #14 at The Cockpit Theatre. Presenting two scenes from The Sinken Sun. Click here for details and tickets.

November 2016 : R&D workshop week on the new chamber opera The Ubiquitous Woman ending in a performance of thirty minutes of music at the Jerwood Space. For more information and video go to the New Notes and Noises website,

October-November 2016 : Writing, composing and rehearsing the first two scenes of my new chamber opera The Sinken Sun, which explores the life and work of poet John Clare.

September 2016 : Further composition on The Ubiquitous Woman.

July 18th 2016 : Fantastic first music R&D day on The Ubiquitous Woman for New Notes And Noises. With Clare McCaldin, Michael Peavoy and Damian Thantrey singing, Libby Burgess tickling the ivories and Di Sherlock wrangling words and direction. Next stop a week-long R&D at the start of November. Watch this space for some video and sound teasers soon.

June-July 2016 : Starting composition on a new chamber opera The Ubiquitous Woman with singer Clare McCaldin and writer Di Sherlock. The amusing story - based on Les Sabines, by Marcel Aymé - involves a woman who can duplicate herself and the complications that ensue when her avatars demand lives of their own.

May 2016 : writing the libretto for They Came Back - quite a creative adventure!

April 2016 : Rehearsals and shows of Clocks 1888 : the greener, opening at CAST in Doncaster on April 15th and 16th and then coming to the Hackney Empire in London for four shows from April 20th.

March 2016 : start of rehearsals for Clocks 1888 : the greener a new opera by Brolly Productions.

March 2016 : staging Phil Porter's powerful new play The Man With The Hammer at the Theatre Royal Plymouth. Lovely people and a lovely place.

February 2016 : rehearsing and writing music for The Man With The Hammer. Great time collaborating with director Justin Audibert and fab cast.

November 2015 - February 2016 : composing and orchestrating the score for a new opera Clocks 1888 : the greener with Dominic and Rachana @ Brolly Productions

What's Been Said...

"I sat in utter awe of Martin Ward's music which is a dream. The detail within the score is phenomenal and the band are beyond incredible. I would happily listen to the music for the rest of time." for The Wind in the Willows, West End Frame, December 2013  

"...a soaring collection of songs, composed by the supremely talented Martin Ward... ***** " for Dr Quimpugh, The Scotsman, August 2012  

"...with superb music by Martin Ward and a sparkling libretto by Phil Porter it is a delightfully quirky, humorous and touching piece of musical theatre..." for Dr Quimpugh, Sunday Herald, August 2012  

"If you thought that opera was only for grown-ups, think again. This 45-minute, sung-through opera by librettist Phil Porter and composer Martin Ward combines music, singing and puppetry with an engaging, junkshop aesthetic to terrific effect... the piece has genuine emotional muscle, underlined by a score that is musically playful, and which slyly slips in every operatic convention, from arias to trios." for Skitterbang Island, The Guardian, July 2010

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