I have written five operas. Two youth operas - "The Whalsavers" and "The Fizz" for W11 Opera; the chamber opera "Dr Quimpugh's Compendium of Peculiar Afflictions" which was nominated for a Fringe First Award in 2012; "Skitterbang Island" an early years puppet opera; and most recently the podcast opera "Road Memoir". Click here for a look and a listen and see below for more links.


I have created music, songs and sound for a large number of theatre productions. It is always a thrilling and fascinating experience that calls for all kinds of ingenuity and sonic adventure. Click here to listen to some extracts from my theatre scores and to read a little blog piece about composing for theatre.


I spent five formative years as Music Librarian of the Royal Ballet. Watching, listening and spending my lunchtimes poring over the great ballet scores. I later had the great fortune to compose the scores for five dance-theatre works by Will Tuckett. The first of these "The Wind in the Willows" went on into the West End and to an Olivier Award. To read and hear more about these shows and my other dance music click here.

Road Memoir a podcast opera. Written and composed in 2017 and presented in association with the Tete a Tete Opera Festival. It consists of 12 episodes of between 6 and 11 minutes in length. There is also a bonus commentary 13th episode. To listen click here or go to iTunes.

The Ubiquitous Woman, OnLife, Sinken Sun & They Came Back

Opera and Music Theatre works in various states of progress...

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