I am currently developing four new opera projects : Road Memoir - a podcast serial opera, to be launched in the summer of 2017; The Sinken Sun - an extract of which was performed at Rough For Opera #14 in December 2016; The Ubiquitous Woman - a commission from New Notes and Noises; and They Came Back - winner of the 2015 Flourish Opera Award, in collaboration with Opera Up Close.

Video extracts of The Sinken Sun and The Ubiquitous Woman can be seen below.

The Sinken Sun

The Sinken Sun is a chamber opera for two singers (Soprano and Baritone), piano and sound design. It delves into the character and life story of the poet John Clare, alongside themes of change and alienation in the contemporary world, whilst seeking to explore the enduring nature of art and how it continues to connect with us across boundaries of time and culture.

The video below is of the performance and Q&A session staged at Rough For Opera #14 in December 2016. The music (which is in development) is a first workshop extract of 18 minutes and it features Billie Robson (as Mary), Paul Sheehan (as John) and James Young (on piano).

The Ubiquitous Woman

The Ubiquitous Woman is a chamber opera for three singers (Mezzo Soprano, Tenor and Baritone), piano and clarinet, and sound design. It's comic libretto (adapted and written by Di Sherlock) is based upon the novel Les Sabines by Marcel Aymé. It tells the story of a woman who can clone herself and the troubles that ensue when her clones (at first obedient) start to question their purpose and their right to free will. 

This R&D workshop video from November 2016 features performances from Clare McCaldin (as Sabine), Robin Bailey (as Theo), Damian Thantrey (as Tony), Jenny Dee (puppetry), Libby Burgess (piano) and Derek Hannigan (clarinet).