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I'm currently creating a sound and music piece for an art exhibition entitled "The Machine Stops". My work for this - Onlife - is exploring the nature of social media and will include layers of recorded readings of a short poem. I am looking for people of all ages and voices and accents to participate in the creation of this piece by recording themselves reading that poem.

The poem should only take a couple of minutes to read and I'm happy with recordings made on an iPhone or iPad (record in the Voice Memo app) or Android devices (using Voice Recorder app on Samsung for instance) or made on a laptop or any other reasonable quality recording device you may have. 

Find a quiet indoor space, hold or place the device about a foot away from your face and read the poem in your natural voice and accent, taking your time. When you're finished, name the sound file with your name and then just share it via email to this email address -

I will also be using sung recordings of the same poem. If you'd also like to sing (you don't have to be classically trained, just able to sing the poem on a single pitch within the comfortable range of your voice - more like a chant than a song) contact me via the Questions & Comments form below and I'll send you instructions.

This participation opportunity is open for the next 3 weeks and the deadline for sending recordings is February 1st. I am afraid that I can't pay you for your time but I will credit everyone who takes part - and you will have my eternal thanks.

If you know anyone else who'd be interested in participating in this project, please feel free to share this webpage.

For any Questions & Comments use the contact form below. Thanks

Here is the poem....


I am me. 

I am you. 

 I am the many. 

 I am the few. 


I am man. 

 I am woman. 

 I am everything. 

 I am nothing. 


I am whatever you think I am. 

 I am never what you think I am. 


I am open. 

 I am closed. 

 I am naked. 

 I am clothed. 


I am the click. 

 I am the drag, the drop. 

 I am filter. 

 I am crop. 


I am deified am I. 

 I am humanity symbolized. 

 I am data, coming alive. 

 I am the multi-streaming hive. 


I am the truth. 

 I am the lie. 

 I am the mouth. 

 I am the eye. 


I am the comment, I am the share. 

 I am your Vanity Fair. 


I am that sunset (codified). 

 I am the real and yet, implied, 

 I am no more than what I am, but 

 I am all the world within your hand. 


I am change. 

 I am consistency.  

I am the tiniest part of you. 

 I am only ever, forever, me. 


I am the one. 

 I am the nought. 

 I am Algorithmic Thought. 


I am your laughter, echoing. 

 I am the hope to which you cling. 


I am the ray of sun through cloud. 

 I am a movement in the crowd. 


I am all of these and everything. 

 I am the songs the seasons sing. 


I am the joy. 

 I am the fear. 

 I am your smile. 

 I am your tears. 


Embrace it all for all it brings. 

 In this life we may be all things.


The exhibition will take place at the Danielle Artaud Gallery in Kennington, London between February 23rd and March 24th and the webpage is here. Let me know if you're coming, I may be around to thank you in person.

Many many thanks for taking the time to read this and if you have found the time to record it : triple thanks and best wishes to you.


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